MarketMalinois is a cloud-based platform that consolidates all your social media marketing data, providing insights, analysis, and reporting to help you improve your ad spend and overall social media marketing efforts.

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Protecting your data and our services is our top priority. Your data’s availability, confidentiality, and integrity are of utmost importance to your business and MarketMalinois. We use multiple safeguards to protect this information and constantly monitor and improve our products and services.


Reporting with MarketMalinois is a cinch. Create, share, and send reports in a few easy clicks. Generate insightful reports from multiple social media networks to share with others. Reports are available in PDF format or as links for easy access.


Manage multiple organizations on one platform. As an Agency, ease of management is key to building a scalable digital marketing business. MarketMalinois provides a platform that can help you deliver your services at scale.


Build easy-to-understand dashboards that help you develop strong social media campaigns to grow your business. If you can’t measure, you can’t manage. MarketMalinois helps users effectively measure what is working and what isn’t to help optimize social media marketing plans. Leverage our expertise using our library of dashboard templates or customize your dashboards to meet your business needs.

Social Networks

Integrate all your social media marketing data on a single platform. Compare your social networks’ performance and determine where to increase or decrease your ad spend. Analyze your organic traffic and learn which networks yield better results than others for your business.