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Save time and market more effectively by consolidating all your social media marketing data on a single dashboard. Click on the free plan button today to start with MarketMalinois.

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Developed for Small to Medium Businesses, Enterprises, Solo Marketers, and Digital Agencies, MarketMalinois provides a flexible marketing platform to review all your social media data on a single dashboard.

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As a marketer, you need access to all your social media marketing data on a single platform. Your key to success is consolidating all your data, measuring performance against KPIs, and generating easy-to-understand reports.

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MarketMalinois helps organizations improve social media marketing initiatives and develop more effective campaigns. Stay on track with your marketing goals using customized dashboards and automated reporting.

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Manage all your clients on one platform. Customize your branding with our white-label features. Provide access for your clients to their dashboards. Automate client reports, customizing details and frequency of deliveries.

What is MarketMalinois

MarketMalinois helps you view, analyze and make decisions about your social media marketing by collecting and displaying all your data on a single platform.

MarketMalinois Integrations


Save time by accessing all your data on one dashboard


Generate reports and track key performance metrics

Integrate with your favorite social media platforms

Gain valuable insights from your marketing data